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FAQs About Workers’ Compensation

There are many nuances to workers’ compensation law in Minnesota. As either an employer or injured employee, you likely have questions about retaining legal counsel and how it affects the claim. Below is a list of workers’ compensation FAQs for all clients involved in a work injury claim.

Do I actually need a lawyer?

Yes. In most situations, you need an attorney representing your interests. Attorneys who routinely practice in workers’ compensation law understand the claim process and the types of benefits available in Minnesota, and can handle appeals. Attorney Kathryn Carlson also handles related workers’ compensation issues involving third-party/personal injury claims, long-term disability and more.

How much are attorney fees?

The attorney fee for a workers’ compensation attorney in Minnesota is set forth by Minnesota law. Workers’ compensation attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis.

What benefits are available?

There are four basic workers’ compensation benefits available in Minnesota. These include medical benefits, lost wages, vocational benefits and permanent partial disability (PPD).

What types of injuries are covered by workers’ compensation?

Personal injury and occupational diseases that arise out of and in the scope of employment are covered by workers’ compensation.

And those sustained at the place of employment (or occurred in the course of employment) may be covered by workers’ compensation.

Are wage loss benefits tax-free?

Yes, wage loss benefits are tax free.

How is compensation determined?

An employee’s average weekly wage (AWW) determines the amount of wage loss benefits to which they are entitled. The AWW is, in most cases, determined by averaging an employee’s wages for the 26 weeks prior to the date of injury. There are certain types of employment that utilize different calculation methods, such as construction workers, seasonal workers, apprentices and volunteers.

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