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We Resolve Workers’ Compensation Claims That Involve Mental Injuries

Many workers’ compensation claims relate to physical illness or injury. However, serious accidents and the stress of missed hours can cause mental injuries as well.

Minor physical injuries often involve short-term compensation or disability benefits. Yet traumatic accidents witnessed or experienced within the workplace can result in mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hipp Carlson Law PLLC advocates for favorable results in both job-related physical and mental health claims.

Connections Between Physical And Emotional Harm May Involve Benefits

Some professions come with more inherent risks than others, though federal regulations mandate employers to adhere to specific health and safety regulations. Our attorney understands there are numerous reasons why employees suffer injuries on the job. With nearly three centuries of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, we know how to protect your interests – in court, when necessary.

Our lawyer handles mental injury claims in each of the three categories recognized by Minnesota law:

  • Mental stress leading to a physical injury. In some cases, extreme job-related stress may factor into the cause of bodily harm.
  • Physical trauma or injury causing, or increasing, mental health concerns. A physical injury or onset of disease can trigger emotional problems.
  • Mental stress resulting in psychological injuries. These highly complex cases do not relate to circumstances such as disciplinary action, termination or poor job performance evaluations. However, in some instances, courts approve workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability benefits for PTSD if employment caused the condition.

Whether a mental injury case began after a specific injury or problems increased over time, we can help you seek favorable results.

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