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Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

Once a workers’ compensation claim is admitted or denied, there are specific processes to be followed by your lawyer. The claims process can be very detailed and complex, even for lawyers who routinely practice in workers’ compensation law.

At Hipp Carlson Law PLLC, we focus our practice exclusively on Minnesota workers’ compensation claims. We represent parties at all stages of workers’ compensation claim process. Attorney Kathryn Carlson offers clients more than 20 years of experience and is an experienced litigator. She receives many of her current clients through referrals from legal colleagues and past clients.

Claim Petitions

If a workers’ compensation claim is admitted, the injured worker is entitled to benefits. There may be separate proceedings for medical disputes and wage loss disputes (if these arise). If the claim is denied, then a claim petition must be filed in order to establish liability. There are many steps between the filing of a claim petition and a potential appeal to the Minnesota supreme court. There are many things we do to move cases along, including settlement conference, mediation and early case evaluations. When represented by us, your case will be handled in a way that avoids costly disputes.

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